Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Sisters gave the Nice Matters Award and tagged us for the Middle Name meme.
Thank you Two Sisters!

Here is the Middle Name Meme.

Here is Lydia's


A- Always reading

N- Nutty about chocolate

N- Nice


Here is Grace's


E- Eager to drive

L- Learning Art

L- Like to learn new things

E- Enjoys swimming

N- Needs a cheeseburger


Hannah will be doing hers on her blog very soon!


The Sisters said...

Thanks for doing the tag,
You all seem really Fun!
Have a great day!


Glow Girls said...

Hi! We're looking for other IFB KJV Teens. We just started a blog at and are really excited - we are three sisters, too!

Abigail said...

Grace's is funny. So is Lydia's.