Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thou Art Mine
When Thou passest thru the waters,
Thou art Mine!
They shall never overflow thee,
Thou art Mine!
Tho thou walkest in the fire,
And it seeketh to devour
Thou art precious in My sight, child,
Thou art Mine!
Everyone that's called by My name,
They are Mine!
They're created for My glory,
They are Mine!
I have chosen them to serve
And My holy name preserve.
They are precious in My sight, yes,
They are Mine!
I will do a new thing for them
That are Mine!
In the desert send them waters,
That are Mine!
Fear not then, for I am there,
And they path, 'twas planned with care,
For I love them, Oh, I love them
That are Mine!
Ruth K. Zook
Isn't it wonderful to belong to Jesus!


The Sisters said...

That was very Beautiful!!


Happymama said...

Yes it is wonderful to belong to Him. I am His....and He is mine!!!


Laura H said...

I just wanted to say, I like the blog, and the Post!

I have a blog, that is for young ladies, that is for encouragement!
Here is the link:
We would love to see you there, and please let us know what you think!

Laura H

Stacie Michelle said...

that was awesome! your blog is cool!