Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hi, Here is what we've been doing this week. On Sunday, it was Gospel Baptist's (where we go.) 41st anniversary. So we had a special preacher, and afterwards we had lunch at the fellowhip hall. (The food was really delicious:) They didn't have Sunday night service that night. So we went and heard my Papaw Fox preach. We really enjoyed hearing him preach. On Monday, we did school and went to our cousins' Coty and Levi's house. Grace and Hannah really enjoyed playing with them. That night, Grace, Hannah, and I went to Calvary Baptist's Vacation Bible School. It was about "rescue." The teenagers learned how to do "CPR." Afterwards, we sang in the youth choir, ate snacks, and had a Bible lesson. We went back yesterday night too. This time we learned how to do the "Heimlech maneuver." Then we did the same things as the night before. We really enjoyed going to their Vacation Bible School. (It was a lot of fun.)
Tomorrow, is our Dad's birthday :)
So I will be posting more tomorrow.
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Karen said...

Sounds like you have all had a busy and fun week.