Monday, April 16, 2007

The Most Honored Guest
When Queen Victoria reigned in England, she would occasionally
visit some of the humble cottages of her subjects.
One time she entered the home of a widow and stayed to
enjoy a brief period of Christian fellowship. Later on, the
poor woman was taunted by her worldly neighbours.
"Granny," they said, "who's the most honored guest you've
ever entertained in your home?" They expected her to say it
was Jesus, for despite their constant ridicule of her Christian
witness, they recognized her deep spirituality. But to their
suprise she answered, "The most honered guest I've entertained
is her Majesty, the queen." "Did you say the queen?
Ah, we caught you this time! How about this Jesus you're
always talking about? Isn't he your most honored guest?"
Her answer was definite "No, indeed! He's not a
guest. He lives here!" Her hecklers were put to silence.


Karen said...

This is a very good post. Thanks for sharing it.Hope you've all had a good day. Oh and i like your new blog colours.Very nice.

steve's statements said...

Hello sisters how is your Ma and Da tell them i was asking after them and that you are all in our prayers. Also thanking you for your prayers and support to help me vanquish my failings, God bless you all and keep you safe till the next appointed time we meet....Amen

p.s Great story,

Happymama said...

Love it! Granny had the right answer, didn't she? I wonder how many of us consider Christ a resident or only a guest?