Monday, December 18, 2006

Around "Ards" Pensisula..

3 sisters
Be sure to check Mom's blog today!! She posted a GREAT recipe!!


Anonymous said...

Hello girls,
I would just like to comment on the photograpghy in one of your previous posts.I think that the picture for karen should be removed as it may affect your viewer ratings.If you keep posting photos of me...I mean may get into trouble as you have to have permission to publish such pictures from her managment team.Other than that the rest of the pictures look good.(ha, ha)

Ethel said...

Hi girls, it was great to see you all again last night.
I havd FINALLY updated my blog. I gotmy camera hooked up so I put the pictures of the dinner on there.
Those little lizards look kinda cute. Did you realy trade Tannin? He was cute in a way too but I still don't think I could hold one.