Saturday, October 28, 2006

First Aid Course

This is a "First Aid Post." :) Thursday we, (Hannah, Lydia, and I,) went to a First Aid Course for Homeschoolers. It was for ages 10 and up. We learned basic life-saving skills. We are getting our First Aid certificates soon. It was very interesting!! We learned CPR, what to do if someone is choking, the recovery position, and lots more!!!! That's all for now,


Ethel said...

Hi Grace, That was good to learn first aid. Was it exciting?

Hskubes' Gal said...

I did something like that a couple years ago for a Keepers At Home project. It was fun!

I've enjoyed visiting your blog! I love seeing all of your photos!

~ Ally
HomeSchool Haven of HsKubes' Gal

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

"First Aid Post"......cute! :)
I'm proud of ya'll for learning CPR! I've yet to learn it myself!

Happymama said...

That's terrific that you're learning CPR. I learned it a very long time ago. I could probably use a refresher!