Monday, October 16, 2006

Crawfordsburn Apple Festival

On Friday, Sylvia and her son Jonathan came down and are spending a week with us. On Saturday, we went to the Crawfordsburn Apple Festival with the Laverty's . We really enjoyed it. There was Apple juice, fried apples, There was a beanbag game where you try to hit the wooden apple off. You could make beeswax candles. And all of this that I just mentioned was free. Also they had this game where you wore this sticker with a name of a apple and if you found a person with the same apple name sticker as you. You took them to the desk and you got a free prize. The prizes were: t-shirts, bags, and pencils. Some of us got the prizes but it was really fun. Well here is some of the pictures.

Megan getting her face painted.

More apples.Nuts

More pictures coming soon!


Ethel said...

Sounds interesting. I can see Tracey has a name tag there. What kind of apple was she?
Oh, your calligraphy is coming along well. Is there a specail reason for the blocks of colour between the letters?

Jessica said...

Oh, I LOVE apples!!