Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BBQ on Saturday

Pictures of the BBQ on Saturday

Sophie riding her bike



Hannah cooking on the bbq grill.

Grace eating a chinese rib


Saturday we went to the GRAND OPENING of Bro David's Creation Museum. He's displaying his collection of rocks, fossils, and other artifacts of great interest that proclaim there is a CREATOR!! He's using a room in his home for that purpose. We also had a bbq - The food was very good!!!

Here's some of the pics we took of the museum---

David and his wife Tracey in the museum

These are the belemites that David found at White Park Bay.

This a piece of amber with spiders and insects in it

David's collection of fossils shark's teeth

A nautilod

David and Grace


Ethel said...

That is a great looking museum. It looks like you had a good day for the bbq too.

Happymama said...

Hey, great pictures! The bbq looked yummy? How did Grace get a rib from a Chinese? I'm JOKING!!! I just couldn't resist saying that. LOL

The pictures of the artifacts look very interesting. I think it's neat what Brother David does. Wish I could see it up close and personal.


Lydia said...

Great pics.