Friday, August 04, 2006

More zoo pictures.

Here is some more pictures of the zoo, where we went on Wednesday. Yesterday, We cleaned the house and Grace,my Mom and Hannah got their hair cut and we did a little bit of shopping. Today, Grace and Hannah got a new bike. They get it tomorrow. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. Tonight, we went to the Laverty's house. (We had a lot of fun.) Next week, our church is going to have a barbeque at Scrabo tower. (We are looking forward to that.)

This is a vicuña, they are the world's smallest camel.

This is a golden cat.This is a monkey.

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Jessica said...

how small is the vicuña??

Happymama said...

I've always thought monkeys were cute, and this was definitely is. He's funny looking, isn't he?? LOL

~Sis Kristi

PS, Hannah, I asked your Mother to tell you how much I liked your hairstyle. But I figured I would leave you a comment about it here. It really suits you.