Saturday, July 29, 2006


Yesterday,we went to Newcastle (a little town near the coast about an hour away from us.) and looked around and ate lunch at this cafe called Maud's. It was very delicious. Then we went to Tullymore forest park and walked on one of the forest trails. Here is some of the pictures at Tullymore.

Mourne mountain

A little bit of a stream.

The lake

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

3 sisters


Ethel said...

Hi girls, we sure did have alot of fun on Saturday baking. I love your pics...I've never seen the mourne mountains, except in pics....It looks beautiful

Happymama said...

I feel like I've had so much catching up to do since we were in VBS last week. But I see you just updated the other day. The lake looks so peaceful. The rippling brook would be nice to hear. And the mountain is another beautiful creation. God is a master sculptor, isn't He?

~Sis Kristi