Thursday, July 06, 2006

The giant's causeway...

Yesterday, we went with the Laverty's and Ho's to the giant's causeway. It is rock formations by the coast. Some of the formations are really tall but some are not.They are hexagonal in shape.

Here is part of a rock formation.
Another part of a rock formation



We will post more pictures of the causeway later.

3 sisters


Happymama said...

How did the causeway get its name? Do you know? I've always wondered that. And as usual....great pics!

Happymama said...

Wanted to tell you too, that I listened to your Daddy preach "Have A Good Day." It was very good. I'll be choosing another one to listen to tonight. "This One Thing I Do." Thank you for sharing the website with us!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Sis Kristi-
The causeway got its name because of a legend. The legend is that a giant named Finn Mcool built the causeway. And because causeway means road, it's called the giants causeway.

3 sisters

Happymama said...

Oh wow! Cute story. I'll remember that one. Thanks for the lesson. :)

~Sis Kristi

Jessica said...

That is so neat!!