Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Poem.......

Jesus Our Saviour
by Karen Cullen

God loves the world so dearly,He sent his precious son,
To bear our sins at Calvary-To die for everyone.

Jesus came to save us,He died for you and me,
He wants the world to knowthat salvation - it is free.

Open up your heart, Trust him all the way,
Let Jesus enter in and he will always stay.

When life seems hard,Too much to bear,
Just trust in Jesus,He’s always there.

He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you,
God's word it tells us so,
Jesus is our Saviour-The world, it has to know.

1 comment:

Happymama said...

That's a very good poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

~Sis Kristi