Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hi, everyone! We have been pretty busy lately. Yesterday, we went to Shatley Springs and ate breakfast, then we went to a cheese factory in West Jefferson, and then walked on a trail on a mountain near there. It was a lot of fun! Next week, we will be flying back to Belfast next Tuesday and get back on Wednesday morning. Lydia


Creation Cause Blog said...

Hello Lydia, I will be glad to see you all. The presestations went great. I am going to rest for a couple of days. it is 12:40am and we are just back from Marks. I did a presentation there. See you all soon. Dav.

Jessica said...

I'll be glad to see your regular posts again!! I've missed reading them. I hope yall had fun in America. I also look forward to seeing pictures!! I hope yall took lots of them!! :)