Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hannah's post

Hi, my name is Hannah, I am 9 almost 10.
I love Animals , When I grow up I what to be a Animal Doctor.
I have a Rabbit called Tiny. I guess you figured out I like pink and purple.I like too play doll's and I like to cook .
I play the Piano and I like to read. I like to go shopping .
I love Sunday school. I was saved on March 10th, 2002.
I like to eat at Subway. Bye for now, HANNAH...................


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Is this your first post? You did very good!
I like the color lime green and I play the piano too!

Creation Cause Blog said...

Hey Hannah, I liked your post. I was 9 once and I also have a cat called Tiny as well. David

Jessica said...

Hey Hannah, You sound a lot like my sister! She is 10 ("Almost 11", as she says! Her birthday is next month) She LOVES animals, she likes to read and play with dolls too. She was saved when she was 7. (She could tell the exact date, but I don't remember exactly, I know it was in August) She is also learning to play the piano. Y'all have a lot in common!! :) She has a blog page too... Her's is I'm sure she would love for you to look at it!!